The Master of Science in International Business program empowers students to acquire a thorough and applied comprehension of the intricate facets and roles of professionals engaged in international management, within a fiercely competitive global business and economic milieu.

Program Structure

Comprising 36 graduate credit units, the program encompasses 16 core credit units and 20 credit units dedicated to chosen concentrations.

Key Program Highlights

Transferability of Credits

An option to transfer a maximum of 9 graduate credit units from other esteemed educational institutions or relevant professional experiences. Furthermore, up to 18 credit units can be considered from a distinct graduate program within LU.

Practical Emphasis

Significant focus on hands-on engagement and exposure to real-world operations of international enterprises.

Comprehension of Complexity and Functionality

Deepening the understanding of the intricacies and roles assumed by international management experts within an ever-evolving business context.

Broad Spectrum of Managerial Skills

Prioritizing the development of a comprehensive array of managerial competencies and knowledge essential for effective leadership and strategic insight in the realm of international business activities. 

F-1 visa holders are eligible for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT).

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